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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data safe with AllStax / UpHealth.Expert? 

Absolutely, AllStax takes comprehensive safety precautions to ensure that ALL Patient registration data, health data and video / chat data between the patient and doctor is secured and complies with the Indian government’s guidelines on tele-consultation. We also ensure that other than the Doctor who is scheduled to consult with the patient, nobody else can access any of the data that the patient has submitted to UpHealth.

Why do I have to submit all the details being asked for during Patient registration?

Please note that all personal / identification details asked for during new patient registration is as mandated by the Medical Council of India in their Tele Consult guidelines. This is needed to adequately identify the patient to the doctor consulting him / her and also to ensure that patient’s privacy is protected to the fullest extent possible.

Email ID and address especially are 2 very important pieces of information – given that the doctor may need to send across either digital or physical copies of your prescription, lab report or any other health related document for your use.

You will only be able to proceed with booking an appointment and chatting with a doctor AFTER the email ID you have provided during initial registration has been verified by you clicking on the link provided in the email received. Until then, you will only be able to update your email ID and access the Help and Give Feedback.

How much time do I have in order to complete the payment process after I schedule an appointment with a doctor?

After a doctor is assigned to your case for consultation and you receive a payment link on that message, you will have 6 hours within which you will need to complete the payment process – barring which the appointment request you had raised will be auto closed and you will need to book a new appointment for consultation and a fresh payment link will be generated for you.

Can I send my earlier prescriptions / lab reports / other health related documents to the doctor for use during the consultation?

You absolutely can. Just send across digital copies of these to the doctor when you are chatting with the doctor on WhatsApp. Please click good readable pictures of these documents (in case you have physical copies of them) and send over WhatsApp just like you would normally – that’s it.

As detailed earlier, these reports would all be saved and shared to ONLY the doctor doing the consultation and nobody else.

What does the payment give me? 

Once the payment is processed, that gives you 1 video consultation and a predetermined number of WhatsApp messages for chatting with the doctor assigned either before or after the consultation (please note that this number would change based on Doctor assigned). Once your quota of messages is complete, you will receive a WhatsApp message informing you of the same and giving you the option of buying an addon package to activate only WhatsApp messaging with the doctor.

Please note that these packages are specific to an appointment / doctor combination – so if you paid for one appointment and had your message quota left over with that doctor, it CANNOT be used for chatting with another doctor regarding another appointment.

What are the different methods of payment available on UpHealth? 

UpHealth uses a enterprise level secure payment gateway to process payments - this gateway gives the patient the flexibility of paying the consultation fees using commonly used methods like Net Banking, UPI, Credit Card, Debit Card etc.

PLEASE NOTE: UpHealth will NEVER have any of its employees or Doctors contact you OUTSIDE of the UpHealth WhatsApp number and request for payment for availing of services. Any payment link sent to you is ONLY valid if the link is received right after your case has been assigned to a Doctor and a message is delivered to you from the UpHealth service on +91 99028 81177 informing you of the payment. Please do NOT entertain any other individual mechanism of payment.

How long can I keep messaging my doctor POST consultation?

Your quota of messages with the doctor who consulted you will be active for a week after the video consultation was done. Post the week, the case will be auto closed.

However, in case your doctor needs to be able to be in touch with you AFTER that week to ensure support, we will enable that – please don’t worry.

Can I use my phone / number to book appointments for other family members?

You absolutely can – BUT ONLY for minor members of your immediate family – son(s) or daughter(s). For ALL other family members above the age of 18, in order to comply with the Government’s guidelines on telemedicine, they will need to register themselves as a new patient using WhatsApp on their phones.

However, if your intention is to book an appointment for your senior parents, you can register on UpHealth using your phone number BUT book an appointment for “Self” during the appointment booking process - however, please inform the Doctor when providing “Additional Comments” that the appointment is for your parent.

Each time you book an appointment for minor members of your family, you will need to provide their personal data again.

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